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Morning Break….(Coffee adv)

We can all relate to a good up of coffee the mornings. That’s why I recommend Wimpy this week for a decent, delicious cup of coffee in the morning. On your way to work? Don’t panic. They offer take-away too for your “on-the-go” busy day. Have a great day everyone 🙂 xx

Just because it’s cheaper, Doesn’t mean its worse

Some say, “Its cheaper so it can’t be that good”
My response? Guess What 🙂
It was about 2 weeks ago when i was going through a bit of a tough time dealing with a few issues i was facing at the time when i decided to take a little trip to the local Spur. When i sat down, i got the kindest greeting with the biggest smile from the waiter. I decided to just have a coffee so i chose the Cafe Latte. Five minutes later, It arrived, the perfect coffee to cream ratio mixed with 2 sugars was definitely the highlight of my day. By indulging  in this creamy ‘cup of heaven’, i actually felt myself ease up. Although the name alone sounds expensive, the delicacy isn’t. I didn’t have to rob a bank to buy coffee. At R26.80 a cup, it is well worth it.

This weeks recommendation goes to Spur, Sable Square, For their Amazing selection of different Coffee’s, Cuisine and their Amazing Service 🙂


Cape Town – The Most Beautiful City On Planet Earth

Good Evening Earthlings 🙂
This week i did a research task. The topic of the task was “find the most beautiful city in the world” The reason why i chose Cape Town is because I was born and raised here, the best things have happened to me here as well as the worst like anywhere else in the world. But what really attracts me to Cape Town is the uniqueness of the city, the people and the attractions. Table Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. It’s always a pleasure for me to say, “I am proudly Cape Townian” 🙂table-mountain-photo-6becd Cape+Town+city