Happy Nelson Mandela Day

Make Sure You Do Your 67 Minutes Of Good Unto Other Today And Spread The Love That Mandela Always Did

#Viva Mandela


Youth Month, 2016


Youth Should Be Seen And Not Hurt


Welcome to the 1st of June, 2016, The start of National Youth Month.
Being in the category of Youth may seem dreadful as youth are quite young in age. The real question is, is it a bad thing?

The youth are the future of the world. The youth may be young but they can be wise.
Sometimes we see youth as nothing but metaphorical babies of the world but when infact, they are crucial to the development of the entire world. When you come across a youth, educate them in the best manner possible, the future depends on it.


One is never too young to make a change, rise up and BE A YOUTH. Participate in community programs and make yourself known to the rest of the world by not doing bad but only good. Take in your education every opportunity you get because one of you will possibly be the next president of South Africa. I quote the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


So I call on all youth of the world to rise up and do something great. Do not do bad things that add no value, do good things that add value to yourself and your country.
When you are making Sunday Lunch and there are multiple left overs, don’t let is be kept in the fridge and later disposed of, dish it up and find the nearest homeless person and bless them with it. You may be full but they are empty. Most homeless people are either on drugs or alcohol but some of them are absolutely clean of Narcotics and alcohol. Even if you find someone who is on drugs or alcohol, feed them. Bad decisions are made on empty stomachs. You could feed that person with the food of life and they could turn their lives around because someone committed an act of love towards them


Happy Human Rights Day

Good Morning, South Africa.

I would just like to wish everybody a happy Human Rights Day. May everyone have a good one.

If you are travelling back from a vacation, i wish you travelling mercies. Please be safe on the roads and do not break the laws today because the moral of the story is that you do have the right to an attorney if you are arrested for drunken driving.

Have a good one everyone


The Impact – Teachers

As we all leave school some day, we remember the legacy we left behind. Some of us were a handful and some of us were the top students. What we tend to forget is the Legacy that our teachers left in our lives.

Many of us tend to think that teachers are just there for one reason and that is to teach us. There is a teacher from Bosmansdam high school who goes by the name of Mrs Lorinda Gruning who I see as way more than a teacher, she is a conqueror. I remember sitting in her English class and received an assignment to write a 750 word essay and the topic was our life story. I wrote and i wrote, a heartfelt story yet a broken one. When i received my essay back after it had been marked, I read words which changed me life.

“You have been through allot and you are still so strong. Do not let anyone ridicule you!”

Although Mrs Gruning never intended to be a high school english teacher, she believes that she was called into the career as she has impacted many of her students. Since Lorinda has started being a teacher, she has grown allot as a person and was taught a great deal of humility in the process as she works with the young people.

“Being a teacher keeps you young. You are constantly exposed to the times that are changing and it forces you to move with the time and the new era”
Lorinda says that language is not just a language, it teaches us how to conduct ourselves w hich is extremely true. If we think about Shakespeare’s work, he told more than just a story, he taught us a lesson on life.

The approaches that a teacher takes towards a difficult student is crucial as the teacher has to educate his or herself on that student to find out what the problem is before they intervene. It’s not a matter of sending the student to detention for a few hours, it’s a matter of dealing with the child first hand. As a teacher, it isn’t just a matter of teaching the subject, it’s all about teaching your students about life. When you educate a child, you don’t just teach them a subject, you teach them for life.

I asked Lorinda Gruning what advice she has for all other teacher out there and she said, “Teaching is a learning curve for both teachers and students and the learning never stops. As teachers, we need to change out perspectives towards the subjects to make the children love the subject. We need to be passionate about the subject and tap into the naive nature of the students and bring them into a world of wonder about the subject. We do not just teach a subject, we teach them about the desire to learn.”

I have elected Mrs Lorinda Gruning as the most inspirational teacher, 2016. She is the English teacher that taught me not only about Shakespeare, but about life as well. If you ever come across a teacher as great as this powerful woman, cherish them. Because they will be the teacher that will have the greatest impact on not only your academics, but your entire life.


So, we are basically at the end of the road for 2015. It was a long road that we thought would never end, a road where the speed limit is slower than our patience can tolerate. For some of us, it was a long bumpy road and for the unlikely few, it was a very good year where nothing bad has upset you. Good news! Whatever happened in 2015 can now all be forgotten about and we can all move on to greener pastures. Your new year should start with a resolution, an important value that you want to use as a challenge to aim for greatness.

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World” – Mahatma Ghandi

New Year’s resolutions aren’t that difficult. Most people pick a famous quote from a well-known celebrity or someone who made an impact on the world many years ago. My resolution for 2015 was the quote in my headline for this paragraph. See, many people think that you can make a change in order for it be different. The real change starts with you! If you want something to change such as a relationship with somebody, be the change. If you’re not in the mood for life anymore and you feel as if everything is meant for nothing, get a new perspective of life, keep your head up and make yourself feel more optimistic about life. That’s where my resolution for 2016 comes in.

“I Have Come To Realise That There Is Nothing That I Cannot Do” – Whoopi Goldberg

Because my resolution built me up in 2015, I am now able to move on to the next stage of my life. Now that I am stronger and I am the change that I wanted to be, now I can start taking action and making use of my will power to do only good. This quote by Whoopi Goldberg is extremely powerful. Every time I hear it or when I say it out loud, I feel like my metaphorical battery is fully charged. That is what a resolution should do to you, it should make you feel powerful.

What Is A New Year’s Resolution?

A new year’s resolution could be just about any quote, saying or a verse from the bible. It should reflect on your morals and values and it should be possible, almost like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It should be a goal that you want to achieve by the time you reached the end of that year. It can be simple materialistic things like a goal to lose 10 kilo’s or to buy a car or rent a new house. It can also be sentimental such as quotes, which really do help.

Your resolutions are only as possible as you want them to be. If you only just started a new job and your new year’s resolution is to buy a Porsche or a Ferrari, hang on to that goal. Save every month and who knows, you could be sitting in that comfy vehicle sooner than you think. Don’t sit back and wait for the keys to fall into your lap. The world doesn’t owe people their goals, the world expects you to work your ass off for it and that’s exactly what you have to do if you want to reach your goal.

Sometimes people think that they do not have the potential to have a goal or a New Year’s resolution. If you feel that was, I have one thing to say. ANYTHING is possible. So whoever told you that you aren’t good enough or who broke you down making you feel like there is nothing left to work for, make 2016 a year of proving those people wrong. If they told you that you will never be successful one day, do everything possible to prove them wrong. Don’t let them get the better of you, make them eat their words and you will also benefit from it.

Last but not least, never lose focus of your vision. If you feel like you are slipping away, make sure you put yourself onto the straight path again. Print out your Resolutions and goals or write it on a piece of paper, put it up on your room walls, mirrors, in your cars or even on your desk at work. Just don’t lose your vision. I spoke to a homeless woman the other day and I happened to ask her what her New Year’s resolution was. She told me that her dream is to get a job and be able to earn a salary to take care of herself and her beautiful daughter. Interview after interview, she spoke to me 2 weeks later and she told me that she had finally found a job and she starts on the 9th of January. Do you see how small a goal could be to make you happy?


It is best to not overthink

The reason why I say it is best to not overthink is because most of the stress caused in todays population and as it always was caused is by overthinking something.

Sometimes we are feeling sick. Due to all the bad news on Live TV, we are all lead to believe that we have contracted one of those deadly diseases so we book an appointment to see a doctor to have ourselves checked out. We sit in the waiting room riddled with fear that we may receive the news that our hours are being counted. We get checked out and we up being diagnosed with a common cold. Do you see how overthinking makes you stressed out and anxious?

How to NOT overthink

  1. When you find yourself in a position overthinking something, reprogram your mind to think about something completely different. You are the master of your own mind.
  2. If a topic is lingering and it feels necessary to ponder with it and to overthink about it then it probably is. Remember, your mind is also programmed to give you ideas if you find yourself in a difficult situation.
  3. If its not an important thing that you are overthinking, forget about it.
  4. Lastly, do not listen to what people are saying. Referring to my doctors room analogy, don’t ponder on implications that aren’t relevant. In extreme cases, make an exception to think about it but do not overthink anything. Prevent yourself from being stressed out and you will find yourself to be much more comfortable and you will feel better, health wise.

Don’t listen to the people that tell you to freak out when you are in doubt. I repeat, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.


Blessings to all

“Ever wondered why?…#WTFlip moments

Ever wondered by people say, “I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink 2 glasses of wine a day”?

Ever wondered why you walk to the shop and can’t remember what you needed even though it’s really important?

Ever wondered why your phone dies the moment your car decides to break down and you’re on a road about 200km from home and there’s hardly any cars on that road?

Ever wondered if the Glo-Mail and Homemark adverts are true and if that vacuum can really pic up a 300kg safe?

Ever wondered why Oversized people just don’t go on a diet when they constantly complain about their weight?

Ever wondered where your child got that weird gene from when they do something really weird?

Ever wondered how the front door closed by itself when there’s not a breath of wind outside or inside your house?

Ever wondered why people say “one mans trash is another mans treasure” when in fact they’re talking about a toilet roll holder?

Ever wondered why teenagers are driving super old cars and older people are driving the sportiest coupe on the market?

Ever wonder why the most noise takes place outside your house the night you really need your sleep?

If you’re reading this, I hope you have a good laugh like I had whilst typing this 🙂

Guilty Pleasures


Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Some more than others and they all range from mutliple different things. I’ve always grown up thinking a guilty pleasure was something bad. Something that isnt necessarily normal but you do it anyways. Which is kind of true.

As I recently look up the definition I think to myself.. why though? Why are these “guilty pleasures” a bad thing? Why do they have to be called guilty pleasures in the first place?

Now is this me just over thinking everything as usual? Yes of course, but I also think that for me, I wouldnt want to call them that.

So what if I like to eat a handful of cookie dough? Or stay up till midnight watching YouTube videos on my weekends? That’s not really hurting anybody. I’m not “guilty” because I do these things. In fact, I am quite happy. Hence the word…

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