Youth Month, 2016


Youth Should Be Seen And Not Hurt


Welcome to the 1st of June, 2016, The start of National Youth Month.
Being in the category of Youth may seem dreadful as youth are quite young in age. The real question is, is it a bad thing?

The youth are the future of the world. The youth may be young but they can be wise.
Sometimes we see youth as nothing but metaphorical babies of the world but when infact, they are crucial to the development of the entire world. When you come across a youth, educate them in the best manner possible, the future depends on it.


One is never too young to make a change, rise up and BE A YOUTH. Participate in community programs and make yourself known to the rest of the world by not doing bad but only good. Take in your education every opportunity you get because one of you will possibly be the next president of South Africa. I quote the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


So I call on all youth of the world to rise up and do something great. Do not do bad things that add no value, do good things that add value to yourself and your country.
When you are making Sunday Lunch and there are multiple left overs, don’t let is be kept in the fridge and later disposed of, dish it up and find the nearest homeless person and bless them with it. You may be full but they are empty. Most homeless people are either on drugs or alcohol but some of them are absolutely clean of Narcotics and alcohol. Even if you find someone who is on drugs or alcohol, feed them. Bad decisions are made on empty stomachs. You could feed that person with the food of life and they could turn their lives around because someone committed an act of love towards them