Missing!! – Please Share

Gone Missing! Please press through all media outlets in South Africa.



Megan Wright went missing on the 17th of May, 2016, from Thornton Station in Cape Town. It was confirmed that she was seen leaving her house and that she did arrive at the shop on the station to buy a chocolate and didn’t make it back home.

It was said that she took too long to arrive back home from the shop and so her mother went forth in her vehicle to investigate where she is and what is taking her so long. After talking to the shop assistant, her mother continued to search the station and surrounding areas for Megan. After realizing that she was nowhere to be found, the Local Authorities (SAPS) was contacted and a statement was obtained from the family by 5pm that same day.

Since then, there has been one lead that was followed up but unfortunately it was not successful. Ever since, there have been no solid leads or tip-offs and no sightings of Megan.

The news of this 23 year old female that went missing is being spread like wildfire on all possible social media networks. The more people that know about this, the better.

If you know where Megan is and if you have a solid lead, you are hereby required to Contact the Pinelands Police Department or SGT Fortuin on  021 506 2022 / 084 402 3114 / PLTT: 072 214 7439

Please share this article. This is not a hoax, this is serious and currently on Red alert.




One thought on “Missing!! – Please Share

  1. Joshua Barnard (Owner of Megajixels Blog)

    I hereby confirm that Megan has been found and she is okay and happily reunited with her family. Intricate details will not be found anywhere on my blogs of social media as the family do not wish to share this information. We wish them all a full recovery and please keep on praying for the family.

    Thanking You
    Owner, Editor and Content Writer of Megajixels WordPress

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