Happy Human Rights Day

Good Morning, South Africa.

I would just like to wish everybody a happy Human Rights Day. May everyone have a good one.

If you are travelling back from a vacation, i wish you travelling mercies. Please be safe on the roads and do not break the laws today because the moral of the story is that you do have the right to an attorney if you are arrested for drunken driving.

Have a good one everyone



The Impact – Teachers

As we all leave school some day, we remember the legacy we left behind. Some of us were a handful and some of us were the top students. What we tend to forget is the Legacy that our teachers left in our lives.

Many of us tend to think that teachers are just there for one reason and that is to teach us. There is a teacher from Bosmansdam high school who goes by the name of Mrs Lorinda Gruning who I see as way more than a teacher, she is a conqueror. I remember sitting in her English class and received an assignment to write a 750 word essay and the topic was our life story. I wrote and i wrote, a heartfelt story yet a broken one. When i received my essay back after it had been marked, I read words which changed me life.

“You have been through allot and you are still so strong. Do not let anyone ridicule you!”

Although Mrs Gruning never intended to be a high school english teacher, she believes that she was called into the career as she has impacted many of her students. Since Lorinda has started being a teacher, she has grown allot as a person and was taught a great deal of humility in the process as she works with the young people.

“Being a teacher keeps you young. You are constantly exposed to the times that are changing and it forces you to move with the time and the new era”
Lorinda says that language is not just a language, it teaches us how to conduct ourselves w hich is extremely true. If we think about Shakespeare’s work, he told more than just a story, he taught us a lesson on life.

The approaches that a teacher takes towards a difficult student is crucial as the teacher has to educate his or herself on that student to find out what the problem is before they intervene. It’s not a matter of sending the student to detention for a few hours, it’s a matter of dealing with the child first hand. As a teacher, it isn’t just a matter of teaching the subject, it’s all about teaching your students about life. When you educate a child, you don’t just teach them a subject, you teach them for life.

I asked Lorinda Gruning what advice she has for all other teacher out there and she said, “Teaching is a learning curve for both teachers and students and the learning never stops. As teachers, we need to change out perspectives towards the subjects to make the children love the subject. We need to be passionate about the subject and tap into the naive nature of the students and bring them into a world of wonder about the subject. We do not just teach a subject, we teach them about the desire to learn.”

I have elected Mrs Lorinda Gruning as the most inspirational teacher, 2016. She is the English teacher that taught me not only about Shakespeare, but about life as well. If you ever come across a teacher as great as this powerful woman, cherish them. Because they will be the teacher that will have the greatest impact on not only your academics, but your entire life.