“Ever wondered why?…#WTFlip moments

Ever wondered by people say, “I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink 2 glasses of wine a day”?

Ever wondered why you walk to the shop and can’t remember what you needed even though it’s really important?

Ever wondered why your phone dies the moment your car decides to break down and you’re on a road about 200km from home and there’s hardly any cars on that road?

Ever wondered if the Glo-Mail and Homemark adverts are true and if that vacuum can really pic up a 300kg safe?

Ever wondered why Oversized people just don’t go on a diet when they constantly complain about their weight?

Ever wondered where your child got that weird gene from when they do something really weird?

Ever wondered how the front door closed by itself when there’s not a breath of wind outside or inside your house?

Ever wondered why people say “one mans trash is another mans treasure” when in fact they’re talking about a toilet roll holder?

Ever wondered why teenagers are driving super old cars and older people are driving the sportiest coupe on the market?

Ever wonder why the most noise takes place outside your house the night you really need your sleep?

If you’re reading this, I hope you have a good laugh like I had whilst typing this 🙂


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