Guilty Pleasures


Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Some more than others and they all range from mutliple different things. I’ve always grown up thinking a guilty pleasure was something bad. Something that isnt necessarily normal but you do it anyways. Which is kind of true.

As I recently look up the definition I think to myself.. why though? Why are these “guilty pleasures” a bad thing? Why do they have to be called guilty pleasures in the first place?

Now is this me just over thinking everything as usual? Yes of course, but I also think that for me, I wouldnt want to call them that.

So what if I like to eat a handful of cookie dough? Or stay up till midnight watching YouTube videos on my weekends? That’s not really hurting anybody. I’m not “guilty” because I do these things. In fact, I am quite happy. Hence the word…

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